i) The names used in this translation are, of course, those known to the English-speaking peoples. - Translators' note.

ii) Michael Agerskov uses the Danish word "udgiver" which means either "publishing house" or "the person on whose initiative a work is published." In the case of "Toward the Light" and the related works, it is the latter meaning that applies. - Translators' note.

1) Ardor refers here to the Globe by the name that mankind later gave to it.

2) The eldest of the Youngest is known to mankind by his earthly name: Jesus of Nazareth - the name he bore in his fifth, and last, incarnation.

3) Jesus regarded not only the Temple in Jerusalem, but also every synagogue as his "Father's House".

4) Eternal - an inconceivably long time. Must not be understood as lasting through all eternity, since this is not what Jesus meant.

5) Because Jesus often spoke in images, the above expression must be understood as a metaphor describing the painful and gnawing memories of sin. The Evil Place that Jesus describes here is the ravaged Kingdom, the home of the Eldest. During his earthly life, Jesus kept many of his remembrances from his transcendental existence, though not all of them were equally clear and comprehensible to him.

6) God's Breath is identical with God's Spirit or Thought. Here the expression means "greater spiritual life."

7) The old woman's hovel lay in the mountains about four kilometres from the town of Magdala.

8) Many of the apostles and followers of Jesus thought that baptism not only cleansed one of sins already committed, but also of future sins. Jesus tried to remove this misconception, for which reason he always explained that baptism was merely a symbol. See chapter 20.

9) Because Ardor, in the telling of the above episode from the life of Jesus, only very indirectly has answered the questions posed, further reference should be made to the Commentary to chapter 19.

10) The divine element that every human being receives from God. See Commentary to chapter 7.

11) The Feast of the Passover was observed in strict accordance with Jewish custom. Only those words and actions of Jesus which have general interest are included here, in order to show that Jesus took leave of his apostles at the Feast of the Passover without using the words which have since been ascribed to him. See chapter 33 and Commentary, p. 232.


13) A twelfth apostle had replaced Judas Iscariot.

14) Originally, without any later distortions, the explanation which Paul gave his disciples after having thought out the matter in the above fashion was the following: "As Jesus gave the apostles of his bread and wine, so he gave his body and his blood to his followers as spiritual food and drink; yea, he gave himself as a sacrifice for sin, a sign of a new covenant between the Lord and us."

15) Several other versions of the unity of the Son and the Father are not included by Ardor, as any one who so desires can make private studies of the controversies of those times.

16) The Selukians. - Publisher's note.

17) Many Christians prayed directly to the virgin Mary and to the holy men and women, rather than asking them to intercede with God on their behalf. Saint-worshipping thus became idolatry. And since the mother of Jesus, and all "saints" - despite their good deeds - are subject to the Law of Reincarnation, any prayer to them is in vain, and is, indeed, often senseless; for the worshipped saints live on Earth from time to time as human beings, and consequently are unable to hear any calls for intercession or help from their fellow human beings.
Among the spirits who were bound to the earthly bodies of the so-called saints can be found both the Youngest, the Eldest, and human spirits. In the latter case, the law of rebirth has been established by God so that they can go forward and upward. The Eldest brought themselves under this law because of their first, unlawful self-incarnation. The Youngest have submitted voluntarily to this law while working for the advancement of mankind. Thus, when human beings call upon holy men and women, they pray to beings whose existence as saints is imaginary.

18) The spirits bound to explorers of those times were not all of the Youngest - several were of the Eldest.

19) At times the disputes between the prelates were so severe that they resulted in the election of several popes, who fought among themselves for the Holy See in Rome. - Publisher's note.

20) The Youngest who, tempted by the Elder, committed misdeeds during their lives on Earth were often, because of their consciousness of sin, bound to an existence without rest among the earthbound human spirits, after their earthly lives had ended.

21) 1857

22) 1900

23) 1911

24) These words were spoken by Jesus not only to the Apostles, but to all the disciples who were present on that occasion, and thus apply in a wider sense to all the followers of Jesus. He is only present in person when this is necessary for one reason or another; in all other circumstances in which he is called upon, Jesus answers through his thought. Those who apply to him in spirit, in truth and with their whole heart feel his help as a deep spiritual peace and repose.

25) See Commentary, p. 191.

26) Regarding suicide, see Commentary, p. 185.

27) See Summary, pp. 330-32.

28) Catholics, Protestants, and all Christian sects are included.

29) Spirits count their earthly birth from the moment they are brought to Earth to be bound to future human children. From that moment they lose all recollection of their former existence.

30) See Commentary, p. 186.

31) See Commentary, pp. 247-250, on the disturbances which selfish sorrow over the dead can cause.

32) This is how Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer to his disciples. The prayer for the dead was omitted by Paul because of the consideration that the dead, who were resurrected and saved through faith in the death of atonement of Jesus, were not in need of intercession, and they who died without such faith could in any case not be saved by intercession.

33) See Ardor's Account, p. 101.

34) 1914.

35) When human beings make God their highest war-lord, every loss of life in battle becomes a blood sacrifice to His honour; and when the clergy consecrate soldiers prior to combat they become participants in, and accessories to, the human sacrifice of war.

36) Society holds no responsibility toward those who are unwilling to work.

37) Anyone employed by the state, the municipality or any private employer is entitled to a suitable yearly compensation from the state or the municipality, once their years of service have ended, thereby enabling them to face old age without financial worries. Society must also fully care for all who become crippled while performing their work or who become unfit for work through illness. Likewise is it the duty of society to maintain homes for the aged and the sick who are alone, and for employees and servants who are unable to work, etc. The state or the municipality must also, when help is needed, provide sufficient support for widows with children under age until these have reached the age of majority.

38) It is the duty of every employer to ensure that the employees and assistants under his supervision are not faced with any work that is too strenuous for them to manage; likewise must every employer reward employees or assistants with such wages as fully cover the work that is done, and which allow them such conditions of life as befit their place in society. (The above pertains to states and municipalities as well as to companies and to private employers).

39) People who because of their own discontent with the prevailing conditions seek to invoke similar feelings among their fellow workers, that through joint action they may enforce compliance with their own requests and demands in various areas, are therefore acting against the words of Christ and are likewise acting against the divine laws of order, forbearance and justice. Whatever is gained in any one incarnation by such improper conduct must be given back in full in the following incarnations. Anything of material value that is destroyed, each individual must compensate for with interest and compound interest, just as these individuals must endure the same spiritual suffering which by their actions they have brought upon their fellow human beings.

40) Murder, killings and deaths that are due to war or individual violence, dereliction of duty, thoughtlessness, etc.

41) See Ardor's Account, p. 55.

42) The interpretation of this parable was given by the intermediary's spiritual guide in the spring of 1916. - Publisher's note.

43) Symbolizes a poorly performed task among the many good works that he had done.

44) The Earth.

45) The many different religions and sects of human beings are like princes and kings.

46) God, as representing the religion of love and compassion.

47) Greatest in the spiritual sense.

48) It will be seen that Ardor's Account omits the period of time during which Thought and Will were inert with respect to Light and Darkness. When Ardor related this part of his Account he was unable to give the intermediary a clear understanding of this state. This period was therefore deferred for further explanation in the Commentary.

49) As soon as the particles escape human sense perception, they take the forms of the four-dimensional world. Transitional forms nevertheless exist between the three- and four-dimensional states, in which the particles can be sensed at one moment and escape human sense perception the next, depending on whether a material or an immaterial influence predominates at the given moment. Similarly, there exist forms in which the presence of particles can be recognized but not perceived. The particles are in this case located on the boundary between the three- and four-dimensional worlds, and may manifest themselves on either side of the boundary.

50) See also Commentary, pp. 171-72.

51) This core is formed of Darkness.

52) It must always be borne in mind that the term "Darkness" should be understood by human beings only as a designation for a power that manifests itself in many different ways in the earthly world. This power can therefore also manifest itself as radiations that are luminous to the human eye.

53) Contained in the Light-corona of the globes, in the global layers that are invisible to the human eye.

54) See Ardor's Account, p. 9, and Summary, pp. 296-97.

55) In that system of which the Earth forms a part, not all suns and planets are ejected or erupted parts of their Central Suns; several are globes that through collision with floating accumulations of Darkness have first been expelled from their orbits, and have since been attracted to and held captive by a larger sun. (See Summary, p. 297). In the other three systems there are no drifting accumulations of Darkness; the Darkness there precipitates to the core of the globes and is slowly eliminated through the great circulation of the Light-ether.

56) The immaterial centres come into being automatically under established laws.

57) Upon further inquiry, the following has been stated and confirmed from the transcendental world: all the globes of the galactic system move in their orbits around the mother sun and the invisible, i.e., immaterial, centre of force. As the globes approach the mother sun or the centre, their speed increases, and it decreases proportionately as they recede. The velocity around the immaterial centre, however, is much lower than that around the material mother sun. The same holds true for the comets and the planets; their velocity is likewise much lower around the immaterial centres than it is around the material, i.e., visible, centres. In the cases where the form of the orbit approximates a circle, the increased velocity round the immaterial centre is so low that it can scarcely be detected. - Publisher's note.

58) See Sumary, pp. 260-61.

59) The Darkness that destroyed the world of Light of the Eldest and infused their spiritual bodies was astral and spiritual Darkness.

60) See also Summary, pp. 267-68.

61) A third way exists, but is known only to God.

62) See Summary, pp. 297-301, regarding depolarization of Darkness.

63) See Summary, pp. 261-63.

64) See Summary, pp. 266-67.

65) See Summary, pp. 260-63.

66) See Ardor's Account, pp. 15-19.

67) See Summary, pp. 266-67.

68) See Summary, pp. 266-67.

69) If leaves, flowers and stems are cut while they are still alive, and then shortly after subjected to dehydration or any similar process, the astral counterparts are not released until the forms, or anything manufactured from them, are destroyed in one way or another. If fresh twigs, shoots or branches are cut and then grafted or planted, the counterparts are not released; the connection that is loosened after the cutting is tightened by the renewed supply of nourishment.

70) See also Summary, p. 295.

71) See also Summary, pp. 267-70.

72) See also Summary, p. 269.

73) See Summary, p. 322.

74) See Commentary, p. 189

75) Through frequent and very diverse cross-breeding, several of the animal species used in this way degenerated and became extinct. People with the requisite ability and interest can through careful research discover which prehistoric and contemporary animal species are related to some of the known apes.

76) See Commentary, pp. 188-90.

77) However, the human spirits were only allowed to use this Passage of Light when accompanied by their guardian spirit, i.e., with the permission of God.

78) See also Commentary, pp. 247-50.

79) See Summary, pp. 307-10.

80) Guardian Angels.

81) During the time when the sin-bound spirits lived on the astral counterpart of the Earth (the Earth's astral plane) this opposing voice often stemmed from these wicked and evil beings, and in many cases it also stemmed from the Elder, who in that way tried to lead human beings astray. See also Ardor's Account, p. 29, Commentary, pp. 203-04, and Summary, pp. 307-09.

82) See Commentary, p. 204.

83) See section in small type, p. 185.

84) See section in small type, p. 185.

85) All of the spheres abound in flowering and fruit-bearing trees and plants that are unknown on Earth. According to laws given by God, the fruits and flowers develop without pollination and have a flavour and fragrance far superior to those of the fruits on Earth.

86) See also Summary, pp. 274-75 and p. 289, regarding astral counterparts and dwellings in a state of disrepair.

87) What has been stated earlier - on page 177 - about the counterparts of the more solid substances of animal bodies also applies to the human body.

88) As stated earlier, the astral counterparts of the first human beings could not dissolve, because they were held together by the faint spiritual Light that had been brought to them from the Eldest. These counterparts - "shadows" - retained to some extent the outer form of the human body, but without any real firmness. Thus, at one moment they would dissolve into a mass of mist, and the next they would again assume a human form. In his Account, Ardor states that the shadows "wandered about", but undulated or floated would more aptly describe the movements of these counterparts.

89) Human foetus.

90) Ardor describes the cord as life-giving, because the spirit is connected by this cord to the brain of its physical body, thereby giving "spiritual life", i.e., thought and will to the human being. See also Summary, pp. 278-79.

91) See also Summary, pp. 292-93.

92) See also Summary, pp. 278-79.

93) See also Summary, pp. 277-89.

94) See Commentary, p. 255.

95) In order to achieve a better survey, the accounts of the three vanished empires have been amalgamated. See also Ardor's Account, pp. 22, 26 & 28.

96) Not mentioned directly in Ardor's Account, since it was deemed unnecessary by the transcendental world. - Publisher's note.

97) See Ardor's Account, p. 22.

98) Any indication of locality is given by present-day geographical names.


100) See Summary, p. 317.

101) Large stretches of the coasts of Central America, where the Island people settled, have since perished through volcanic upheavals.

102) The apostrophe in "Lukna ..." denotes a sound almost like the vowel "e". The word 'Lukna was represented by one of the two symbols of Ra: 1) Several triangles, together describing a star, symbolizing the many, all-seeing eyes of Ra; or 2) a ring - the sun disk - symbolizing Ra, the creator. Sometimes these symbols were bordered by flaming tongues or rays.

103) After the migration of the Khuummi peoples into Egypt, two further immigrations from the south took place, with centuries between, by tribes related to the initial immigrants.

104) By earthly measurement, this insulation layer of Darkness is approximately 1/2 millimetre in thickness.

105) See also Commentary, p. 201.

106) See Speech of Christ, pp. 111 & 113.

107) Since human beings influence one another through their thoughts, those who utter curses are in danger of inciting by way of thought their fellow human beings to utter similar curses in hate and anger, which will then bring fresh consequences upon the originator. See Summary, pp. 309-10.

108) See Commentary, pp. 234-36 and p. 255. See also Summary, p. 319.

109) See Commentary, p. 255.

110) Since the cord by which the spirit is bound severs at the time of death of the physical body, it is entirely out of the question that the spirit can feel any suffering at all by cremation of the remains. Any accounts to the contrary are due to undeveloped and therefore ignorant spirits, or to imagination on the part of mediums.

111) See Ardor's Account, pp. 100-01, and Commentary, pp. 234-39.

112) About 12,000 B.C.

113) See Ardor's Account, pp. 32-33.

114) See also Commentary, pp. 212-13.

115) See Summary, pp. 334-35.

116) Although teaching by oral tradition was common practice at the time of Jesus there were many written accounts, though several of these were only fragmentary.

117) Quoted with complete accuracy, John's words were: "This is the divine son

118) See also Commentary, p. 221, regarding The Temptation in the Wilderness.

119) See Commentary, pp. 201-02.

120) See also Commentary, pp. 225-26.

121) See Ardor's Account, p.42, regarding eternity, i.e., an inconceivably long period of time.

122) See Summary, pp. 302-03.

123) See Commentary, p. 246, regarding suggestion.

124) See Summary, pp. 312-13.

125) Only the Gospel According to St. Matthew is quoted where the other Gospel versions are similar.

126) Since the apostles were sleeping, they saw the Youngest not with their physical but with their spiritual vision; however, they did retain a memory of what they had seen.

127) See Commentary, p. 209.

128) See Ardor's Account, p. 31.

129) See Commentary, pp. 231-33, regarding The Lord's Supper.

130) See Ardor's Account, p. 35.

131) See Ardor's Account, p. 57.

132) See Commentary, pp. 176-77.

133) See Summary, p. 305.

134) Mary Magdalene was one of the Eldest. Through Jesus' care for her she was brought under the guidance of God, so that through new incarnations she could atone for her transgressions against humanity.

135) See Speech of Christ, pp. 117-18, regarding prayer.

136) Many of those who "spoke in tongues" were possessed by earthbound spirits, including the Eldest.

137) See Ardor's Account, pp. 58-59, and the Commentary, p. 221.

138) See Summary, pp. 306-07 and 322-23.

139) Christ as the second member of that Holy Trinity that is the current Christian definition of God as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

140) See Speech of Christ, p. 112.

141) See Speech of Christ, p. 118, regarding prayer.

142) Regarding trance and materializations, see pp. 241-45.

143) Christ approached only circles having few members, never those with a larger membership nor large public circles.

144) See Speech of Christ, p. 117.

145) The transcendental world does not wish to give the exact date. - Publisher's note.

146) At that time, disincarnated, she was in the ravaged Kingdom, the Hell-Sphere.

147) This also applies to photographs of spirits, of which only a few are genuine.

148) The controlling spirit has in a few cases been the spirit of a human being.

149) Religious fervour must not be confused with ecstasy, which can lead into somnambulistic trance, nor with hysterical excitation, which can lead to "speaking in tongues".

150) These frauds are often due to auto-suggestion on the part of the mediums.

151) All human beings are receptive to thought-influence, either from Darkness or from the Light, but to a varying degree. However, in a very few people the gift of intuition is so highly developed that the spirits of the Light can employ them as intermediaries to receive extensive and continuous thought-messages.

152) This refers to a collection of poems presented by several deceased Danish poets.

153) See also Commentary p. 282, regarding hypnotism.

154) A planchette - a board of wood or cardboard on which the alphabet is inscribed, equipped with a rotating pointer - or similar means have been employed.

155) Very often the mediums would not be in a trance, but only pretend to be. In such cases the mediums themselves "performed" as spirits, and would then carry responsibility for their fraud.

156) The above communication was received in the months of April and June 1918 and was added to the earlier messages pertaining to the relationship between mediums and the deceased. It was included at the request of the spirit responsible for the Commentary and was received and written down under his guidance. - Publisher's note.

157) However, many have described their earthly existence in great detail, and thereby given further proof of a continued existence after death.

158) The uppermost circle or plane of the sixth sphere is inhabited exclusively by the Youngest, who have their dwellings there while they work for the progress of humanity.

159) This Barrier does not prevent the Light from reaching the Earth.

160) The prohibition of public seances does not violate personal free will any more than does the prohibition of assault, burglary, theft and so on. Public seances are a disorder that should not be permitted.

161) Very often a much higher number of mediums must be rejected before the spirits of the Light can find one who may be repeatedly employed by them.

162) In the past, mediums of slight mediumistic talent have often been employed by earthbound spirits and the Eldest. Many genuine connections have been established, but they were under the influence of Darkness, an influence under which most mediums practise and which explains the numerous false and confused mediumistic messages of the past.

163) Mediums are not always required for these purposes. Where it is absolutely necessary for the guardian spirit to act without an intermediary, this is done by the power of the guardian spirit's will.

164) See Summary, p. 291.

165) See Supplement I, p. 18, Question 4

166) See Speech of Christ, p. 119.

167) See also Summary, pp. 307-09.

168) The highest frequency of the polarized Darkness separated at the fall of the Eldest was, by contrast, about half way between the lowest and the highest frequencies of the Light.

169) Most of the globes in the galactic system to which the Earth belongs are contaminated by Darkness to a greater or lesser extent; many are completely saturated.

170) According to the laws that God established by His Thought and Will for the eternal radiation of the Light's energy, the lawless and aimless chaos on Earth is re-directed toward order and purpose, toward greater usefulness, greater beauty and greater perfection.

171) As a result of the overwhelming influence of Darkness at that time, many of the primary prototypes given by God were completely destroyed, for which reason the creatures that evolved from the damaged seeds did not bear the faintest resemblance to the original prototypes.

172) See also pp. 274-75.

173) Though not as firm in its consistency as that which is produced by the oscillations of the Light, as for example in the higher spheres.

174) In the same way that a human being is unable to recall the very first years of life, a released human spirit is unable to recall the very first incarnations.

175) The Youngest are of course able to remember even their very first incarnations.

176) The colours will gradually etherealize, i.e., they will become purer and clearer until they finally disappear completely.

177) The special refraction that causes the colour-spectrum at sunrise and sunset will become much more difficult for the corona of Light to overcome than ordinary refraction. The time period required will probably exceed the millions of years that in all probability are still allotted to earthly life. However, during the Earth's lifetime, mankind will be able to observe the etherealization of the colour-spectrum produced by this special refraction.

178) The self is the spirit and all the good and evil that is inherited through the astral counterpart.

179) In some cases twins have been incarnated with a spirit of Darkness and with a spirit of the Light respectively.

180) The spirits of Darkness are bound to the embryo in the third month of pregnancy.

181) By the physical brain is understood both cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata. It is, of course, not the object here to explain the function of the various centres of the physical brain, but merely to outline the interconnections between the psychic brain of the spirit, the astral brain of the counterpart, and the brain of the physical body.

182) The instinct of self-defence has been acquired by human beings in the course of millions of years of struggle for existence, and must therefore definitely be regarded as an instinct and not as a primal urge.

183) See Commentary, pp. 187-88, regarding the structure of the spirit-body.

184) These memories can fade away completely in later generations.

185) See Summary, pp. 312-13, regarding split personality.

186) The image that the physical brain cells receive through the eyes can be so faint that they are unable to impress it on the astral cells. In such cases what was seen cannot, of course, be reproduced by the astral brain.

187) The shock can delete this memory.

188) A suddenly arising fear can for a moment paralyze a human being's consciousness, so that the physical and astral brain cells are incapable of vibration. What is seen is therefore not recorded so long as the paralysis persists. Voids can also arise in this way and disturb the total impression, even though the eyes were not closed.

189) Since astral Darkness formed an integrated entity with the corona of Light, the Eldest were not able to separate it. The material with which they worked therefore appeared as if it were double, although it was composed of three elements: the corona of Light, the astral and the molecular Darkness.

The ability of the astral brain to retain the values and the impressions that are received through the physical brain is thus determined by the Earth's corona of Light, which fixates the astral Darkness. Even if the astral and physical brain cells are destroyed, the innermost principle of the astral cells cannot be annihilated, since it is created from the indestructible radiations of the corona of Light. Not until the physical body has died will the radiations of the Light withdraw. (See Summary, p. 295). Spirits who are bound to imbecilic people will through the Light-principle of the astral cells receive impressions that are transmitted through the absorption layer; but these impressions only become intelligible to the spirit when it is released from the physical body.

190) A violin can produce faint tones if the strings are activated by sound-waves from a piano, for example. But without some form of activation it cannot produce tones independently.

191) By the power of their thought and will the Eldest have often assumed the appearance of a living person, and by appearing visibly on the plane of the Earth have "acted" the part of that person's double.

192) During anesthesia, faintings, and the like, the spirit is often released, albeit quite mechanically.

193) See Commentary, p. 191.

194) These Eldest are scattered throughout the Earth, in many different countries. During their waking hours they usually remember nothing of their nocturnal excursions; but a few can at times remember them as dim, blurred dreams. During sleep release these spirits are able to participate in seances of materialization, dematerialization, levitation, and so forth.

195) The weakest luminous rays from the sun's core of Darkness cannot be perceived by the human eye.

196) This will also happen to all other celestial bodies, also those that only reflect the sunlight (i.e., non-luminous globes). Over the centuries, the "stars" will thus gain in luminosity. Excepted are, of course, those stars so extensively damaged by Darkness that their luminosity is in strong decline.

197) It takes approximately 48 hours for the released counterparts of larger animals to be completely dissolved; the smaller the counterpart, the shorter is the time of dissolution.

198) Refers for example to the lives of ants and bees, the ingenious nest building of many species of bird, the migrations of birds, the migrations of fish between oceans and fresh water, etc. Countless examples exist everywhere in the animal worlds of the air, the land and the sea.

199) God does not prevent the collision of accumulations of Darkness with the globes, since the Darkness is thereby depolarized and then eliminated; God intervenes only when the Earth is threatened.

200) The spheres are located beyond the atmosphere of the Earth but within the lunar orbit.

201) In the year 1911.

202) See Summary, p. 294.

203) In the year 1911.

204) The Light that is supplied to the Earth in the above manner thus takes part, together with the Earth's ethereal corona of Light, in the great ordering, adjusting, segregating and harmonizing work in the earthly world of Darkness.

205) See Speech of God's Servant, p. 136.

206) Those who have no knowledge of the spring at Lourdes are referred to the book "Lourdes" by the French author Emile Zola and "Lourdes" by the Danish author Johannes JÝrgensen. Reference can also be made to the book "Lourdes" by Dr. Boissarie and to "Les Apparitions de Lourdes" by J. B. Estrade. - Publisher's note.

207) Or from other similar springs.

208) See Speech of Christ, pp. 111-115.

209) Sufferings of any kind that human beings bring upon themselves, for example by thoughtless or unhygienic ways of life, indifference, carelessness, wantonness, needless overexertion, and so forth, are not counterbalanced; in such cases human beings must suffer the consequences.

210) See Commentary, p. 184.

211) The thoughts of God and the disincarnated Youngest are not recorded in the ether that surrounds the Globe.

212) In the year 1912.

213) Mass suggestion through thought can give rise, for example, to patriotism, war fever, revolutionary movements, the founding of religious sects, and so forth.

214) Since the thought has its seat in the large nerve-centre of the spirit-body, it is the psychic brain that is influenced, it being both the transmitter and the receiver of thought.

215) Split personalities were not and are not always authentic, since they are often the result of a human desire to attract attention or to appear interesting.

216) See Summary, p. 288, regarding the afflicted, abnormal brain.

217) See Commentary, p. 189.

218) Ardor has mentioned only the prehistoric civilizations because human beings possess no historical accounts or traditions from those times; only legends exist.

219) The Ice Ages that laid waste some parts of the Earth are not mentioned by Ardor, since they did not directly interfere with the work of the Youngest.

220) This does not mean that all rulers were of the Eldest; both human spirits and the Youngest have often been bound to human beings who held high office, both ecclesiastical and secular.

221) Some of the prophets were of the Eldest, whose prophecies were inspired by the Elder or by his predeterminations. See Summary, pp. 307-09.

222) None of the great religious founders prior to Jesus is directly mentioned in Ardor's Account, because they were only to prepare the way, i.e., to make mankind more receptive to what was to come, and because the Account was intended to emphasize the work of the eldest of the Youngest on behalf of humanity. The Youngest who was incarnated as Zarathustra was later reborn as Mani; Buddha was reborn as Mohammed.

223) See Ardor's Account, pp. 31-32.

224) See Ardor's Account, pp. 85-86.

225) The Eldest who had returned at God's request; see Ardor's Account, pp. 14-15.

226) The Youngest are often incarnated under humble and difficult circumstances in order to demonstrate to human beings how much a strong will and energy can accomplish in life on Earth.

227) It was God's intention to let the eldest of the Youngest be incarnated in one of the many liberal-minded families which at that time existed in several different countries.

228) In the middle of the 19th century.

229) See Ardor's Account, p. 13, and Commentary, p. 178.

230) See Ardor's Account, p. 14, regarding human shadows.

231) See Summary, pp. 307-09.

232) Even the ancient myth of Adam and Eve imparts some of the truth despite its purely human form. During an earthly existence one of the Youngest tried through this myth to furnish human beings with an explanation of their origin: Adam and Eve are thus symbols of the Elder and his female dual. The serpent symbolizes the alluring, attracting and binding power of Darkness. The apple on the branch of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolizes the lifeprinciple of Darkness, surrounded by and held fast by the Light. The serpent represents Darkness which tempted the woman to sin; the woman tempted the man to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, i.e., to gain knowledge so as to master the life-principle of Darkness. Removing the apple from the tree symbolizes the separation of Darkness and the Light. By their Fall, Adam and Eve - the fallen Eldest - were banished from the Garden of Eden, i.e., God's Kingdom. Cain and Abel symbolize the various types of human beings, who owe their existence to God's fallen children. Cain's murder of his brother is a symbol of sin and death, which through the birth, or creation, of Cain and Abel - humanity - was brought into reality in the earthly world.

233) In the ancient heroic legends and religious myths of many peoples, parallels can also be found that are due to the influence of the Elder - for example, gods that are also human beings, trinities, virgin births, and so forth.

234) This refers only to the upbringing of the children while they are within the home and not to the spiritual and other kinds of education that are given through schools and institutions.

235) See Speech of Christ, p. 127.

236) See Speech of Christ, p. 127, regarding the relationship between parents and children who are born out of wedlock.

237) See Speech of Christ, p. 125.

238) See Speech of Christ, pp. 114-15.

239) Persons who despise or hate other nations or other races will in the next succeeding incarnations invariably be born among them, so that they may learn to love those whom they previously hated.

240) Written in 1916. - Publisher's note.

241) The circle consisted originally of six members, but was later reduced to four.

242) See Ardor's Account, p. 100, and the Commentary, p. 238.

243) See Ardor's Account, p. 104.

244) Only two members of the circle were present at the seances where questions were asked, except on one occasion when three were present.

245) Three members were present at these seances.

246) The members were absent on travels during these months. By summer, two of the six members had withdrawn from the circle due to illness.

247) See Addendum.

248) See Summary, p. 293.

248b) The Danish text provides three examples of such modifications, whose pertinence would, of course, be lost in translation. - Translators' note.

249) Not trance, but natural sleep.

250) God's Servants can when necessary transform their thought-vibrations into soundwaves by the power of their will, in the same manner that God can do this.

251) If mediums nevertheless often experience fatigue during this kind of sťance, it stems from the exertion that is always required to keep their own thoughts from interfering with those of the communicating spirit; this fatigue is only passing, whereas the fatigue that stems from loss of psychic strength is felt as a prolonged depression.

252) See Commentary, p. 245.

253) The many questions that were asked by the members of the circle while receiving Ardor's Account, and which could not be included in the Account, were deferred for later answer by the medium's spiritual guide.

254) If a medium employs the method of automatic writing during trance, the spirit has greater control of the medium. But the spirits of the Light never employ mediums when they are in trance, i.e., the spirits of the Light do not coerce their mediums.

255) All the members of the circle, also those who withdrew, have contributed to making the questions so plentiful. At a number of meetings, the answers were read aloud, which usually gave rise to new questions - and new answers.

256) This can of course be said with some justification with regard to Ardor, but it should be remembered that Ardor was not the representative of evil when he rendered his Account, and furthermore that it was at God's request that he communicated with human beings.

257) See Commentary, p. 237.